You can use Wallet.request to request your user to share their Bitcoin & Stacks wallet addresses, and sign messages and transactions with their Bitcoin & Stacks addresses.

Available methods

Wallet.request gives you access to a set of JSON RPC 2.0 methods which follow the WBIP001 standard. All available Bitcoin & Stacks methods are detailed in the present documentation:

Request parameters

Response format & error handling

Depending on the status property the response will contain either a result or error object.

Error handling for these methods follows the JSON-RPC 2.0 protocol format:

Error codes

enum RpcErrorCode {
  PARSE_ERROR = -32700, // Parse error	Invalid JSON
  INVALID_REQUEST = -32600, // The JSON sent is not a valid Request object.
  METHOD_NOT_FOUND = -32601, // The method does not exist/is not available.
  INVALID_PARAMS = -32602, // Invalid method parameter(s)
  INTERNAL_ERROR = -32603, // Internal JSON-RPC error
  USER_REJECTION = -32000, // user rejected/canceled the request
  METHOD_NOT_SUPPORTED = -32001, // method is not supported for the address provided

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