This is an Xverse custom method. It can only be invoked for users using the Xverse wallet.

import { createRepeatInscriptions } from 'sats-connect'

The CreateRepeatInscriptions method lets you inscribe the same content multiple times via the user's wallet. You can use it to create both text and file inscriptions, which will be sent to the user's ordinal address. It is particularly well suited to BRC20 mints, as it lets you inscribe multiple token mints in a single request to bypass the limit per mint.

You can optionally charge a fee to the user for your service by specifying a fee amount and receiving address using the appFee and appFeeAddress parameters. The fee will be included as an additional output in the inscription commit transaction.



The Network type you want to use. Please note that inscriptions currently only support Mainnet.


The content/mime type of the content being inscribed. It is up to you to extract and send through the correct content type for the content.


The format of the content being sent through. (one of "PLAIN_TEXT" or "BASE_64")


The content being inscribed. If the `payloadType` has been set to "PLAIN_TEXT", this content will be inscribed directly; if set to "BASE_64", the content will be converted into a binary buffer before being inscribed (use this for image and other binary files).


appFee (optional)

If you would like to charge a fee for your services, add the sats value here.

appFeeAddress (optional)

The address where your appFee will be sent.

suggestedMinerFeeRate (optional)

This will be the initial fee rate set for the transaction in the confirmation dialog. The user will be able to change it within the wallet if they desire.

    import { createRepeatInscriptions } from 'sats-connect'
    await createRepeatInscriptions({
      payload: {
        network: {
          type: network,
        repeat: Number(repeat),
        payloadType: "PLAIN_TEXT",
        /** Optional parameters:
        appFeeAddress: "", // the address where the inscription fee should go
        appFee: 1000, // the amount of sats that should be sent to the fee address
      onFinish: (response: CreateRepeatInscriptionsResponse) => {
      onCancel: () => alert("Canceled"),

The method will request the signature of an inscription commit transaction from the user's wallet, to fund the inscriptions, and commit to their content.

Once approved by the user:

  • the commit inscription transactions are immediately broadcasted. The function will return a transaction ID commitTransactionId which you can track.

  • the first inscription reveal transaction is broadcasted immediately to send the first inscriptions to the user's wallet. The function will return a transaction ID revealTransactionId, which you can track.

  • the first inscription reveal transactions also trigger further commit & reveal inscription transactions, to inscribe the content multiple times to the user's wallet.

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