You can use the sendTransfer method to request a transfer of any amount of Bitcoin to one or more recipients from the user's wallet.

Request parametersDescription


an array of objects with <address, amount> properties:

  • address a string representing the recipient's address

  • amount a number representing the amount of Bitcoin to send, denominated in satoshis (Bitcoin base unit)

import {
} from "sats-connect";

try {
  const response = await Wallet.request("sendTransfer", {
    recipients: [
        address: recipient,
        amount: Number(amount),
  if (response.status === "success") {
    // handle success
  } else {
    if (response.error.code === RpcErrorCode.USER_REJECTION) {
      // handle user cancellation error
    } else {
      // handle error
} catch (err) {

The user will be prompted to review the Bitcoin transfer transaction in the wallet, and to confirm:

  • the recipients and amounts to send

  • their desired transaction fee

The transaction will be signed and broadcasted upon user approval.

The sendTransfer method returns a Promise that resolves to the sendTransferResult object:



The transaction id as a hex-encoded string.

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