🎨🔜 ord_sendInscriptions

The ord_sendInscriptions method will be added soon. This is a documentation preview.

You can use the ord_sendInscriptions method to request inscription transfers from your user's connected wallet's ordinal address. You can request multiple transfers in a single request, each transfer involving:

  • an inscription

  • a recipient address

The method accepts a transfers array as request parameter:

Request parametersDescription


an array of transfer objects with <inscriptionId, recipient> properties:

  • inscriptionId - string: the id of the inscription. ℹī¸ You can use the ord_getInscriptions method to retrieve your user's inscriptions

  • recipient - string: the Bitcoin address of the inscription transfer recipient ⚠ī¸ We recommend managing inscriptions on taproot/ordinal addresses.

import { Wallet } from "sats-connect";

   const response = await Wallet.request('ord_sendInscriptions', [
        inscriptionId: '22e63b19dede2882b2478f7182aa4ea8cd4a8289acd7a7d5dde96fcaaf4cd089i0',
        address: ordinalsAddress1,
        inscriptionId: '9a83420dbe566531114066a03d8022425064a78992710fab7006948eaa1d3546i0',
        address: ordinalsAddress2,

    if (response.status === "success") {
      // handle success
    } else {
      if (response.error.code === RpcErrorCode.USER_REJECTION) {
        // handle user cancellation error
      } else {
        // handle error
  } catch (err) {

The user will be prompted to review the inscription transfer transaction in the wallet, and to confirm:

  • the inscriptions to send and their recipients

  • their desired Bitcoin transaction fee

The transaction will be signed and broadcasted upon user approval.

The ord_sendInscriptions method returns a Promise that resolves to the ord_sendInscriptionsResult object:



The Bitcoin transaction id as a hex-encoded string.

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