🔲Speed up a Rune Mint or Etch order

Bitcoin fee rates can fluctuate quickly when the network is congested. This can cause the transactions involved in your Rune mint order or Rune etch order to remain stuck in the mempool, if the fee rate initially specified for your order has become too low for the present network conditions. You can use Sats Connect to speed up an order, using the Replace-by-Fee (RBF) mechanism. Sats Connect will replace the stuck transactions with new transactions broadcast at a higher fee rate.

This documentation will guide you through the required steps:

  1. Estimate the cost of a speeding up a Rune mint or etch order for your user -> see runes_estimateRbfOrder

  2. Speed up your Rune mint or etch order, and prompt your user to sign the funding transaction required to process the order at an increased fee rate -> see runes_rbfOrder

  3. Fetch the new status of a Rune mint or etch order -> see runes_getOrder

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