Use the runes_estimateMint method to estimate the cost of a Rune mint order for your user, before executing it.

You can specify the characteristics of the Runes mint order you wish to estimate, by passing an EstimateMintParams object to the method, with the below properties:

EstimateMintParams Description


a string representing the name of the Rune to mint




a number representing the desired fee rate to set for the Rune mint transaction(s), in sats per vbytes

a number representing the sats value of the fee to charge your user for your service.

a string representing the Bitcoin address which will receive the appServiceFee, if a fee is specified

a string representing the Bitcoin network to use for the mint runes transactions: 'Mainnet' or 'Testnet'

import { Wallet } from "sats-connect";

    const response = await Wallet.request('runes_estimateMint', {
      destinationAddress: ordinalsAddress,
      feeRate: +feeRate,
      repeats: +repeats,
      runeName: runeName,

    if (response.status === 'success') {
    } else {
      alert('Error Fetching Estimate. See console for details.');

The runes_estimateMint method will not trigger any mint operation or prompt your user to sign any transaction. It will return an EstimateMintResponse object, intended for you and your user to anticipate the mint costs and their breakdown:

EstimateMintResponse property Description


a number representing the total size of the mint transaction(s), in vbytes


a number representing the total cost of the mint transaction(s) in sats


An object representing the cost breakdown of the mint transaction(s), with the below properties:

  • postage a number representing the total size of the Rune UTXOs minted, in sats

  • networkFee a number representing the total network fee for the mint transaction(s), in sats

  • serviceFee a number representing the total Sats Connect fee for processing the mint order, in sats

  • appServiceFee a number representing the optional service fee your app charges the user for the mint order

See the runes_mint method if you wish to execute a Runes mint order after estimating its cost.

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