Sats Connect is a simple javascript library that connects apps to Bitcoin, Stacks & Bitcoin Layer 2 wallets like Xverse.

Developers building apps on the Bitcoin ecosystem can use Sats connect to interact with users' wallets:

  • Retrieve Bitcoin & Stacks wallet addresses

  • Request the signature of messages & transactions

This documentation will take you through all the Bitcoin & Stacks methods required for your application to:

  1. Retrieve users' wallet address(es)

  2. Request the signature of arbitrary messages for authentication purposes

  3. Request the signature of partially signed Bitcoin transactions (PSBT)

  4. Request BTC or Stacks transfers to one or multiple recipients

  5. Request Stacks contract interactions and deployments

  6. Inscribe sats with arbitrary content for ordinals & BRC-20 use cases

To get started, import sats-connect into your project.

npm install sats-connect@2.5.x

If you are a developer looking for help with an integration, please join our developer forum.

This is the latest version of the Sats Connect documentation, for sats-connect 2.1.0 and above. Older versions are still supported. The legacy documentation for older versions can be found here.

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