You can use the runes_getBalance method to retrieve all your user's Runes balances, i.e. each Rune token that their connected wallet address owns, and in which amount. No query parameters are required for the method:

import { Wallet } from "sats-connect";

     const response = await Wallet.request('runes_getBalance');

    if (response.status === 'success') {
    } else {

The runes_getBalance method will not trigger any operation or prompt your user to sign any transaction. It will return an array of balance objects, each representing the connected wallet's holdings of a rune token:

balance Description


a string representing the name of the Rune for which the balance is returned.


the amount of Rune tokens which the address owns, based on confirmed Runes transactions only.

a string representing the rune's currency symbol as a single . If a rune does not have a symbol, the generic currency sign ยค, also called a scarab, will be used

a number representing the rune's divisibility, i.e. how finely it may be divided into its atomic units. Divisibility is expressed as the number of digits permissible after the decimal point in an amount of runes. The default value is 0.

a string representing the ID of the inscription linked to the rune, which marketplaces and apps can use as logo

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