Manage a user's default wallet

For a fine grained control over a user's default wallet, Sats Connect provides utilities to manage the default wallet.

Note that default wallet selection is handled automatically when using Wallet.request methods

  • Users are automatically prompted to choose which wallet they'd like to use if they haven't done so yet.

  • The wallet they choose is set as the default wallet for future operations.

  • the getDefaultProvider() method lets you fetch the user's default connected wallet

  • the setDefaultProvider() method lets you set the user’s default connected wallet

The following snippet shows how to manage a user’s default wallet:

import { getDefaultProvider, setDefaultProvider } from "@sats-connect/core";
import { loadSelector, selectWalletProvider, type Config } from "@sats-connect/ui"

async function example() {
  const defaultWallet = await getDefaultProvider();
  if (defaultWallet) {
    return businessLogicWith(defaultWallet);
  const config: Config = { /* ... */ };
  const selectedWallet = await selectWalletProvider(config);
  await setDefaultWallet(selectedWallet);

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